The Raw Naked and Beautiful

The Raw Naked and Beautiful - Real, Radiant and Truth - it's about being YOU!  Showing up, feeling comfortable in your body and confident in who you are no matter what.

Using Photography as a powerful storytelling medium, my goal is to entice audiences into altering their perception of social standards of beauty, perfect bodies & fake advertising!

In the past, my own struggle with an eating disorder and distorted view of my body and myself hindered my artistic ambition and my life.

With my triumph over this personal battle, I have been able to come back to me and pick up my camera again.

We are all born naked, pure, innocent and beautiful and somewhere along the way the story got distorted........

Until now!

I've put this project on hold for now due to travelling and living abroad, but if you are wanting to have a session - find someone near you, as more women are doing this type of Photography or even Boudoir - do it - it is healing and freeing - it's a form of self love!!