Doors of Perception

Everything is a Perception of Consciousness based on our 5 senses.

Metaphorically in life, doors can represent a block to being able to see more or see more truth – as in making a better door than a window or also a new possibility – as in what’s behind door #__??

One is limiting and the other can be freeing.

Doors can also be a metaphor for judgments, points of view and opinions – since doors block and can lock.

Doors come in many sizes, shapes and colors.

As do perceptions.

What if…….

We suspended our perceptions and everything we ‘think’ we know or have learned, so we can look or ‘see’ with fresh eyes, and a child-like sense of wonder and curiosity in the world.

Seeing the world from a new, a different perspective can open one to many hidden treasures.

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We assume we all see / perceive things the same way, yet do we?

What if……. There’s another way of perceiving things beyond the naked eye?

What if…… There is more in the cosmos than we have been told?

When was the last time you played in nature? Maybe there is more to Alice in Wonderland than we know.

There is no lock on the door – only the perception that there is – open the door to a different possibility

Not only is there a light at the end of the tunnel but also a new door

Sometimes we have to look at things differently for a new door to be shown to us.

There are no doors – only different perspectives based on how we ‘see’ the world

Doors of Antigua

Doors of Cuba

Doors of Mexico