The inspiration from creating art comes form exploring and seeing the world through the lens with different perspectives – figuratively and literally.  Jodi uses photographs as a metaphor for deeper introspective within.  She does this by encompassing her love of Photography with Consciousness – Quantum Physics, mysteries of the Universe, and mysticism.

She invites the observer to pause and reflect – whether in a photograph or life.  There is so much more than we realize – in ourselves, life and the Universe.

Jodi graduated from Photography school in 1988 – yup film days!!

She was given her first camera by her Grandparents at age 11.  After graduating from Collge, she headed West for a ski season and instead decided to call Banff home for over 14 years.  The Banff Centre is where Jodi was the Assistant Photographer for a several years and also where she did her first show.

After moving to BC raising her children on her own and resisting the digital world that was becoming popular, she put her camera down for a few years – more than a few really! Before putting her camera down, she did exhibit her second show with 20 other Photographers on the Sunshine Coast.

During this time of putting her camera down,  her interest and learning in alternative therapies, holistic living, connecting with nature and health grew huge, she then created a recipe blog and books where she put down the resistance and started learning digital.  She also has created several kindle and e-books with photos!  Her food blog has turned to Photography meets Consciousness.

 Combining her love of Photography and Quantum Physics, to be able to bring a different perspective to her Photography and life - planting seeds of awakening to other perspectives and possibilities on life and living - a form of a modern day Mystic.

Her next show will be in Mexico - November 2018